1) Why the TIMES TABLES are important? A Google search returns 1.4 billion results!!! Times Tables are the building blocks for other math topics such as algebra, division, fractions, long multiplication, etc. Automaticity and accuracy are so important to free working memory and use it for understanding and problem-solving. Countries such as USA, Canada, UK and Australia have standardized test and spend lot of money to ensure the students get the best education to get them ready for the future jobs. 

 2) Why learning the TIMES TABLES is difficult? Numbers are an abstract concept. It is also black and white, no gray. Memorizing the times tables is like memorizing phone numbers or licence plates. This produces math anxiety. Many children are bullied. Confidence and self-esteem can be damaged. 

3) At what age should my son learn the TIMES TABLES? Usually between 8 and 9 years old. However, the earlier the best as long as the learning experience is not fun but also successful.

4) What are the different techniques to learn the TIMES TABLES? Traditional ways are rote memorization, skip counting, flashcards. Non traditional ways of the past century uses stories, rhymes, songs, manipulatives, app games. In the 21st Century Times Tables - "The Ultimate Way" provides the best successful experience to kids with science-based methods.

5) Why Jumping Jack Multiplication to learn the TIMES TABLES? Because you don't want your little learner to fail and damage his/her self-esteem. JJx is a play-based, multi-sensory, 100% math-based approach that lets kids get to the right answer based on their previous knowledge, in this case the easy 5s and 10s.