Learning material bundle for the times tables. Includes a workbook, a vinyl mat 2 m. long by 40 cm wide, 2 cardboard dice 10 cm by side and 9 bingo cards.

JJx Bundle

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All your child needs to succeed! Get the right answers in a safe environment with the right resources. The workbook for self-learning of the hacks or with adult support. Motivation with a play-based method needed to continue practicing the hack playing bingo with family members or friends.

Here there are the top 10 reasons:
– Motivation
– Friendly format
– Provides exercise and movement
– For different learning styles
– Support when needed
– Sense of competence
– Self-study or in group at own pace
– Portable. You can take it anywhere. Home, school, park.
– Reinforce addition and subtraction
– Unique 100% math-based

The Bundle contains:

1. JJX Workbook (to learn the hacks)
2. Numbered Track (for kinesthetic learning alone or with friends)
3. Nine Bingo cards 4″ by 6″ (game to incentive competition)
4. Two dice 3″ by 3″ to build (to randomly generate a multiplication fact)
5. Two numbered rulers (for fingers hacks or classroom tests)