FOR VISUAL LEARNERS - Color Mix Multiplication (CMx)

Color Mix MultiplicationTM (CMx) combines Augmented Reality- a leading-edge technology that engages kids- with a ground-breaking method based on simple pictures to decode that helps kids gain memorable experiences leading to effortless learning of the Times Tables. Our 2020 method (pending patent), ensures amazing results because is consistent, common-sense, and based on children's previous knowledge. Our workbook provides engaging hands on activities where kids color numbers and images, mix the colors, are challenged to decode simple images boosting their problem-solving skills, experience leading edge technology by triggering cool videos with augmented reality in their cellphones- freely downloadable app. Perfect for visual learners, children with autism, dyslexia, ADHD, and for any typical child who wants to experience learning in an unforgettable way.  WATCH IT IN ACTION!