Introducing JUMPING JACK MULTIPLICATION -  Online Workshop

Introducing JUMPING JACK MULTIPLICATION - Online Workshop

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This is a play-based class full of helpful hacks to aid students in solving and memorizing their times tables.  

Learners will be introduced to the upper multiplication facts with factors from 6 to 9.  


Please note that I am NOT always able to check messages from parents during class time.  I will do my best to get back to parents as soon as I'm able to.  However, I normally teach 6-7 classes per day and my schedule does not permit me to always be available to check the messages.  
Your understanding is greatly appreciated. :)

All my classes operate under the 'LIMITED' refund policy. 
Learners can withdraw with a refund up to ONE WEEK before class starts, or within 24 hours of purchase. Refunds are NOT given for withdraws outside this window.
No shows and/or missed classes (intentionally or not), are NOT entitled to a refund.  A recording of the class will be posted in the classroom after the session is completed for your reference.

If your child joins a class late, please advise I will do my best to bring the late student up to speed. However, I will not re-teach missed portions of the class. Students will have access to the class recording to view the missed portion of the class.

Prior to the class commencing, I will announce my class expectations which include:
~ prior to turning off your camera (if you wish to not have it on), you will need to introduce who you are with the camera ON
~ no using the chat box for student to student messages
~ the chat box is meant for students whose audio is not working
~ the chat box is meant for private messages to me if student wishes not to share with the class
~ absolutely NO drawing and writing on the screen I am teaching on (the student will be reminded of this and after the 2nd offence, they will be asked to leave the class) unless I invite them to answer a question and/or highlight a keyword
~ any disrespectful behaviour will result in the student being asked to leave the class 

There is NO DISCOUNT issued for siblings and/or the registration of multiple classes.